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Learn&Play French FREE ~easier & fun! This quick, powerful gaming method with attractive pictures is better than flashcards

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Voyages Éducation
Développeur CoolForest Publishing

Finally! Truly easier language learning. Combining THREE Proven Techniques into a Fun app :
▲ Word-Group Learning (Faster!)
▲ Fun 3-Level Game Playing Challenges
▲ Audio-Visual Excitement. Click More

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5-Stars ***** from 14,000 total reviews worldwide. 1.7 million worldwide download.

Of course its most EFFECTIVE when its FUN, so we dug into all the research on what speeds-up language learning, and then combined those aspects into this delightful little app. We even added pictures of HANDSOME men and PRETTY ladies, not for objectification but because its objectively proven to increase the attention span of both men and women!

We call the result higher Subconscious Language Acquisition Performance (SLAP!) because its not like learning, it feels like having fun! Download now.

If youve found trying to learn a new language seems like hard work or boring then youre going to LOVE learning while playing, with Learn&Play!

Instead of the usual back-and-forth of flash cards or trying to "learn the list", Learn&Play puts most of the emphasis on you having fun – so you find yourself learning almost subconsciously, while coming back for more!

And its portable, so you can Learn&Play anywhere!

▲ Quick Start – Your “Must Know” Words and Phrases
▲ Logical Topic and Word-Groups Learning (Proven Faster!)
▲ Tracks Your Progress on Each Topic!
▲ Keyword Search – Doubles as a Handy Translator!
▲ Self-Challenging – Beat Your Own Times!
▲ 3-Level Games (Simple, Random and Timing)
▲ Deeper Audio-Visual Experience for Rapid Language Acquisition
▲ Library of High Quality Attention-Grabbing Photos/ Graphics
▲ Native Speaker Audio
▲ Works Offline, Without Any Annoying Adverts!

We believe speaking a new language is a valuable and exciting new dimension in your life, so learning it should be fun and exciting too!

▲ Greeting Basic 1
▲ Greeting Basic 2
▲ Greeting Usual 1
▲ Greeting Usual 2
▲ Drinks
▲ Number 1 - 4
▲ Number 5 - 10

Download this FREE app with the “Must Know” Words/Phrases now!